Indoor Environmental Standards Organization
IESO is actively seeking to partner with industry associations to create indoor environmental standards for the protection of the public and the good of the industry. Becoming an ANSI accredited Standards Development Organization is a rigorous process and requires constant allocation of staffing and resources. If your organization represents indoor air quality professionals, contractors or consultants and would like to have ANSI approved standards for its area of expertise, partner with IESO to create the best industry-consensus standards in the world. IESO offers the experience, infrastructure and resources to set American National Standards, working in close cooperation with your constituency yet saving you the time and resources necessary to become an ANSI accredited Standards Developer.

Most recently, the Restoration Industry Association proposed that it co-develop a standard under the auspices of the IESO SDC. The proposal was accepted and the formation of the committee is now underway.

Any individual or organization may propose the creation of an IESO Standard. Proposals are reviewed by a Proposal Review Committee. If a proposal fits the criteria, it is submitted to the IESO Consensus Body for consideration. If adopted, the proposal results in the formation of a Subcommittee of the IESO Standards Development Committee.

To submit a proposal for an IESO Standard, click here: Propose an IESO Standard
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