Indoor Environmental Standards Organization

IESO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors including representatives from a wide range of indoor air quality professional disciplines. The IESO Board of Directors is a separate entity than the board of directors of IAQA, the parent corporation of IESO.  The IESO Board of Directors is responsible for the corporate governance of IESO, overseeing the work of IESO’s administrative staff, and ensuring that IESO committees work in compliance with IESO policies and those of ANSI.

The IESO Standards Development Committee (SDC) is where IESO standards are created. The SDC includes a Consensus Body that oversees various subcommittees. Subcommittees are responsible for developing and maintaining individual standards. Information about each subcommittee and the project(s) they are working on can be found here: 
View a List of IESO Standards.

IESO Board of Directors

The members of the IESO Board are all volunteers.  They generously donate their time, industry knowledge and business acumen to the organization. 

Derrick Denis

Danny Greenblatt

Elliott Horner

Don Herrmann

Kent Rawhouser

Wei Tang

Don Weekes


Standards Development Committee

Persons on the IESO Standards Development Committee have volunteered to assist in the development of IESO standards through review and comment on draft documents, participation on subcommittees, and other forms of participation and cooperation. If you would like to join the IESO Standards Development Committee, click here: Join a Committee

Executive Staff

The IESO Headquarters office is located in Rockville, MD.  Headquarters operations are overseen by the IESO Executive Director.  The IESO Secretariat oversees all IESO standards development activities to ensure compliance with ANSI Essential Requirements and IESO’s accredited operating procedures.

·       Stephanie Reiniche, IESO Secretariat
Phone: (678) 539-1143
Toll Free: (844) 802-4103

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